Nuestra Historia

It is the year 1942 when the love story of this land is written, start a tradition full  delivery,
commitment, dedication and great respect for the legacy of all time devoted to the work
of producing “Tequila”. Activity became primarily a “gift” for those who undertook this
task full of multiple processes, care and patience, features very few who joined one
feeling: “The love of country, family, to which the Nature 
offers, learn from it and inherit.
With these values ​​Doña Rosita Alonso Rivera proudly adopts this worthy 
activity of
painting the valleys with Blue Agave planted by your hands, skilled, intelligent, loving and
enterprising woman uniting efforts and hope with Don Vicente Real Pérez, facing daily the
strong sun of
the open sky but resting in selecting the best specimens for jimarlos, move them
slowly backed his 
vehicle quadruped baked and start a ritual that would fill in satisfaction
to every member of the family, 
as the result of this endeavor daily It was a delicious homemade
and designed for the enjoyment and use 
of the whole family tequila